05 Jul 2017
Photo BusinessNews&Articles: Simon Lichtenberg: the Founder and CEO of Trayton Group based in China   by S. Lichtenberg

BusinessNews&Articles: Simon Lichtenberg: the Founder and CEO of Trayton Group based in China by S. Lichtenberg

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Some of the Remarkable Years from Simon Lichtenberg’s Life

Having contributed great things to developing Shanghai, simon lichtenberg (Blogspot.com) was presented with the Magnolia Silver Award by the Shanghai Municipal Government in 2006. The capability of speaking several languages is an advantage for a businessman like him, who often finds himself engaged with international dealings. Simon Lichtenberg studied for his diploma in Chinese language at Fudan University in 1988.

About Simon Lichtenberg

All businesses are subject to challenges, and to be successful these must be overcome. Simon Lichtenberg wouldn't be one of the strongest businessmen in the world today if he hadn't learned from the mistakes he has made in running his business. All over the world more and more businesspeople are starting to make names for themselves.

Simon Lichtenberg's Trayton Group

With a workforce of 2,000 specialists, Simon Lichtenberg's organisation predicts a revenue of $150,000,000 per year. Business-inclined people often build their own organisation into which they can put their eagerness, effort and devotion; this is truly one of their finest accomplishments. His business is situated in Shanghai; it also has other factories operating in Zhejiang Jishan. The year 1995 was the period in which Simon Lichtenberg created his business: Trayton Group.

Simon Lichtenberg has become a success owing to him handling difficulties he has encountered with tremendous determination and skill. Whilst leading his business, in 1997 he came under legal pressure due to the creation of counterfeit 'BoConcept' products; this was a difficult case for him to win. Simon Lichtenberg has a rule: “Never give up." If it weren't for his belief in this rule, he might not have overcome obstacles and achieved success. If you desire to improve yourself, successfully dealing with obstacles can be a useful lesson.

Simon Lichtenberg’s Success in China

Director of Shanghai Minhang Association of Enterprises with Foreign Investment was a title given to Simon Lichtenberg. He also joined the Danish Chamber of Commerce in Shanghai, and accepted the Magnolia Silver Award. Initiating an organisation in China is something that a lot of businessmen would like to do, as the country virtually ensures results in any venture that is attempted. Building his own establishment in China was a dream held by Simon Lichtenberg, so he simply went ahead and did it.